Welcome to the World of Luxury Decor:

With the entire ideal home, offices & other spaces decor offerings under one digital roof, it gives you a wide range of options to please your personality & blend into your vision of your corners.

Each and every design is handpicked and curated to provide you with timeless masterpieces from renowned artisans from around the globe. With choices under every genre, there is something to appeal to everyone. A wide array of Sculptures, Figurines, Wall pieces, Furniture, Home accessories await you.

Our Journey:

Vani, a postgraduate with expertise in the pharma field, has been pivotal in the marketing aspect of their family business. Two years with this pharma firm gave her the necessary impetus to move ahead with clarity.

Veena, an engineer by profession found her calling when she attained a diploma in interior designing.

These two girls armed with their expertise and a shared passion for the finer nuances of art & interior designing realized there was a rising interest in people for beautifying their home &  bringing in customized aesthetics. However, the gap of attaining what the new age homes in India desire is still very prevalent. That’s when the duo decided to start an online platform that curates thoughtful pieces from the globe and makes it accessible in India from the comforts of our homes & for the comforts of our homes.

So a mere thought became an identity &  “Beige and Wenge” – a Luxury Home Decor Brand was developed.

Our Mission:

We aim to match your expectations of taste, quality, functionality, and durability and provide you with our versatile & thoughtful pieces of art with the best options to make our platform a one-stop solution for transforming your house to your personal haven.

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