10 Best Ideas To Give Your Home The Perfect Monsoon Touch
10 Best Ideas To Give Your Home The Perfect Monsoon Touch
10 Best Ideas To Give Your Home The Perfect Monsoon Touch

10 Best Ideas To Give Your Home The Perfect Monsoon Touch

The earthy smell, blooming plants, greenery around well it’s evident monsoon is here!

Monsoon is the season where we mostly get to spend time indoors. We have some tips to make your staying-indoor experience an enjoyable & refreshing one.

Here are some creative monsoon decor ideas which will certainly amplify the aesthetics of your house and will give the perfect monsoon touch to your home.

1. Refreshing colors

Source: Pexels

Get inspired by those dense clouds and pick different tinges of greys & blues. Enlighten the gloomy weather with the most unusual shades of wall colours. Surround yourself with mesmerizing shades of blue for the water tones makes the rooms feel refreshed and light.

2. Check them Sofas

Source: Pixabay

Use plain coloured sofas and accessorize it with colourful cushions.

Try and avoid upholstery and furniture, which get moisture easily.

3. Pump up the Kitchen

Source: Pixabay

It is said that your mood reflects in the food you make. It is essential to quirk up the kitchen interiors by using colourful and innovative designs to make ordinary tasks more lively. Experiment with cute cutlery, pastel dining cloth, table mats, etc.

4. Do the doormats

Source: Pixabay

keep vibrant or funky doormat outside the house to put out the mud and slush that this monsoon season will bring in.

5. Cute curtains

Source: Pinterest

Avoid heavy ornamental curtains and try some light ones. A few good colour schemes to go for are shades of green, aqua, scarlet, turquoise and yellow. These shades will uplift your dreary mood. Also, light curtains are easy to wash and dry.

6. Wind chimes

Source: Pixabay

Hang Wind Chimes

Wind chimes give a gentle and pleasant sound especially during cool breezes of monsoon. You can hang the wind chimes near your window or in the balcony. The bamboo wind chimes are great for balcony and other metal will be great near windows.

7. Plant it

Source: Kamboopics

Plants add their charm to an interior or exterior space. To keep the house feel fresh you can add some indoor plants to lift the monsoon spirits.

8. Ace the accessories

Source: Beige and Wenge

Decorate your home with monsoon-friendly accessories that make your home bright and beautiful. Add pretty coasters, elegant cup, and saucers. You can also make it fun this monsoon by adding pieces of furniture like hammock and swing away to your favorite music or book.

9. Scent the room

Source: Pixabay

Get different shaped candles and incense sticks with a mild fragrance that helps you from preventing your home from the musty smell. The aroma helps your home always smell fresh.

10. Lit it up with Lighting

Source: Pixabay

Proper lighting makes a lot of difference! Changing the white lights to yellow lights brings a warmer look to your room. Make sure that your house is well lit.

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