Add An Ethnic Twist To The Modern Decor
Add An Ethnic Twist To The Modern Decor

Add An Ethnic Twist To The Modern Decor

Looking to bring an exotic fervor in your home decor? Embellish the interiors with a tinge of ethnicity. Ethnic decor has never been out of fashion. Indian culture is a blend of various distinct cultures of different regions and religions. Infusing these rooted elements in the interiors will give you the cultural connect and traditional aesthetics. This juxtaposition of modern and rustic decor is what brings in a bit of traditional look.

The perfect statement of our artistic heritage: 

Modern interiors are not so modern anymore. Tide is turning and rustic interiors are the new fad. Add on the traditional elements like ethnic and vintage decor into the interiors and voila, you got the traditional look that you are looking for. 

Modern Interiors

Source: Livmatrix

Elegant contrast to the modernity of your house: 

Traditional decor has always been uplifting and exotic. The bohemian metal accents of the rustic idols will add the ethnic quotient to your home. An old yet appealing artifact here and antique art piece there; the options available for mixing and matching are limitless.

Traditional decor

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Classic Elements to Infuse: 

Nothing can give the Traditional and rustic ambience like idyllic paintings. That will further accentuate if it’s an Ethnic Marble Dust Art. Artifacts and antiques like that will give the natural and earthy tone to your house. 

Ethnic Marble Dust art.

Source: Beige and Wenge

A single handcrafted element can be your centerpiece and focal point in any room. They perfectly blend old art form with your modern interiors. While it’s not easy to find the authentic handcrafted decor, there are some reliable vendors online, where you can buy from. 

handcrafted decor

Source: Beige and Wenge

The only caution is that you have to make sure that all these elements go with the colour scheme and tone of your home. So refrain from going all out in terms of vibrancy and avoid cluttering your home with them.

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